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We have created a single database of Sunrise Security Services, based on the experience of the world's leading recruitment agencies. The base is created in order to unite job seekers in security sphere, both at sea and on land, and of employers willing to cooperate with us.

Our partners

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We present your attention a single database of Ukraine and the Balkan Peninsula in where you can find the working staff for your company.

A strong link in a strong chain

Sunrise Security Services is professionally engaged in selection of personnel and takes into account all the employers` requirements at every stage of cooperation. The main element is the human with his professional skills and military training, so selecting a specialist, we form a strong team for our partners.

Experience is the driving force of success

Our experts work on a ships in the Indian ocean, Arabic sea, red sea, the Gulf of Aden and also on near the coast of West Africa as officers in Maritime security. They also have proven themselves successfully working on land, in the countries with high level of threat such as Afghanistan, Africa and Iraq at various positions in the security sphere. These include security officers, security administrators, team leaders of PSD teams, static managers. All the guys have years of service experience in the army or the Police, almost all have one or more operating tours in the countries with military conflicts (Bosnia, Kosovo , Iraq, Sierra Leone, Liberia. Eastern Ukraine). In cooperation with the British training centres, our company carries out professional training and retraining of workers. Our managers will quickly and professionally respond to your wishes in personnel selection and training. Everyone who is interested in recruitment for the company in security sphere, visit our database, and make the choice towards professionalism, reliability and safety! To view our base go to the menu or use the following LINK. Select CV you`re interested in and we will contact you immediately!


Sunrise Security Services is the multinational company, constantly searching personnel for work in the security field. We help our operators to choose the position in the security sphere, both at sea and on land, taking into account their experience and professionalism, psychologists determine a person's willingness to work of a such type. During operation, we provide legal support for our clients, advise on any questions. After training in the British training centers, which are our partners, applicants have a full set of working papers and international certificates. We are very happy to receive letters from employers with excellent feedback on the work of our specialists.

The choice of strong

Sunrise Security Services offers you to use and apply your professional skills, the natural qualities and valuable experience to work in security and the accompanying operations. We believe people are the most important and precious link that unites personal qualities and professionalism with successful cooperation and work in our partners` companies. We put experience in priority and try to have individual approach to each of our clients. Our reputation is our constant reference point. Candidates applying for a long and fruitful collaboration with Sunrise Security Services should have leadership skills, ability to work in a team, high level of self-organization and constant focus on assigned tasks.

Everyone who wants to find a job for real men we invite to join our team! To make the first and important step, leaving your CV in a Single Database. You can do this using the menu on or via the LINK. After our managers process the information, your CV will be entered into the database and you will be halfway to work, many people just dream about!